Amateur Watchmaking

About the book

The purpose of this book is to help you to the skill level where you can start to disassemble and re-assemble a watch movement by understanding the different parts, their names, and functionality.

This book will also guide you in the process of choosing the right tools and help you over the main obstacles when working with one of the world's smallest and most sophisticated machines, including cleaning and oiling.

After having read this book you will not be a professional watchmaker but you might be in the process of becoming one, or you might have found a very deep satisfaction being an amateur watchmaker.

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Terms and conditions when you buying the book

When buying this book you agree that you have read the text below carefully and fully understood it.

The recommendations in the Book are meant to be helpful and suggestive. In no way shall we be responsible for any damage, harm, or loss of any kind occurring through the use of the book and its recommendations. It’s highly recommended to use inexpensive watches while working with the book and to be careful in using the recommended tools. The eyes shall always be protected. Opening a watch might cause it to stop working. Also remember opening a watch might have effects on warranty.

I have read the above text and understood it.